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Vietnam a colorful, historic and cultural country is one of the favorite tourist place in the world.

Each Vietnam city has its own story and a no. of tourist places. Some of the famous tourist cites of the Vietnam are...

Ho Chi Minh City

Hanoi (Capital of Vietnam)

Hoi An


Central Highlands


My Son and more.

Among all the cities Hanoi (Capital city of Vietnam) and combo du lịch sapa are the most famous tourist's places of Vietnam.

Hanoi is the capital of city and the second largest city of Vietnam. It is located on the right bank of the Red River.

Hanoi has a vast history and has had many names throughout the history. Its one of the main cultural centers in Vietnam as it has the imprints of most of the Vietnamese dynasties. The city hosts more cultural places than any city in Vietnam, and its history has been well preserved for more than past 1,000 years.

The famous landmarks Hanoi are

1- Old Quarter

2- Lakes

3- Colonial Hanoi and

4- Museums

Sapa lies near the Chinese border. In reality the majority of the tourists are arrive in Sapa from Hanoi via Mai chau.

Sapa is a mountainous town and have beautiful scenery which is the main reason of tourist's attractions. The paddy fields rolling lower slopes to then Hoang Lien Mountains makes the most impressive physical landscape.

Sapa is the best place to feel nature and to observe the relationship between humans and combo du lịch sapa nature.

As Vietnams Train System is the mains service of domestic train and is cost effective compare to airlines and any other way of transport system.

Travelers can choose to travel in any class to would like to from first class air condition, comfortable soft seats to third class hard seats.

Vietnam Trains are so comfortable and reaches to all parts of the country. The only problem with the Vietnam trains is that you need to book your tickets in advance for the weekends as there will be a huge crowd of passengers for the weekend tours, especially the weekend trains from Hanoi to Sapa should be booked 3-5 day before.

For tourist its better to book their tickets to from the local train ticket booking agencies this save them lots of time. The booking agencies will tell you the timings and will also inform you if the timings changed.

The train journeys are full of fun and great experience in themselves you might meet the local people and could know the interesting facts and stories about the people and places of the city.

Trains from Hanoi to Sapa are the ideal way for independent travelers to get around and see Hanoi and Sapa from the ground level.

The train from Hanoi to Sapa is an ideal way of traveling for most of the tourists. As train fares in Vietnam are cheap and also save the cost of taxis to and from airports to their hotels. Even the locals too use train from Hanoi to Sapa if they are traveling from Hanoi to Sapa.